Discover how other buyers ‘got the edge’ in the property market with MB.

“Milly Brigden was a true find. I had procrastinated for years about buying an investment property. It was too daunting, there was too much conflicting information and it all seemed too hard. Milly made the process easy. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience about where to buy, the right time to buy plus carefully selected quality properties. In addition to this Milly had great connections along the way to assist with the buying process.

I would happily recommend Milly without hesitation. She always went the extra mile and was extremely professional from start to finish.”


My wife & I are extremely busy with our own business, three young children an me trying to juggle corporate life but Milly made finding and purchasing an investment property a breeze.

Milly took the time to find out what we needed, what were our fears and concerns and what we ideally wanted from the purchase and having purchased property before we knew this could be a minefield!

Then, Milly took over, at warp speed, connected with our accountant and broker and then proceeded to source a number of properties. Within days we had a shortlist with all the property metrics, ready to choose. And once we decided, she negotiated a great deal, helped us with the conveyancing and we settled within days!

We can’t recommend Milly more highly; she has made our life simpler and more hopefully profitable!


Milly Brigden was so helpful in so many ways and helped us find the SMSF property we needed in Brisbane. She had the knowledge, research and data to back it up. Absolutely worthwhile considering the time and effort I saved. We are already taking steps to purchase our next investment property by the end of this financial year we were so delighted with Milly’s knowledge and service


“I can not recommend Milly and her team highly enough. She guided us through the complicated process of buying land, selecting a builder and building an investment property. She was able to clearly and confidently advise us on our various options, the tax benefits and long term strategy.

Milly was always available at every turn to patiently answer our many questions and helped us to make the right decisions for our situation. On top of her extensive experience, her warm and open personality made the process much easier and got us through any nerve-wracking moments. Thank you Milly!”


“We wanted to invest some of our Super in an investment property. We had the idea but no clue as to how. Australia is a big place with lots of opportunity and lots of lost leaders. Milly guided through the dangers and focussed our attention on areas that had the longevity of infrastructure development at reasonable prices. We finally decided on an off-the-plan property in Peregian Springs, just south of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

Milly did all the liaising with the developers and made the process straight forward. By the time we settled, the property had already increased in value by 5%. Thank you Milly.”