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Property Buying Joins the Share Economy

In our time-poor, performance-driven environment, it’s not surprising to see more and more property buyers embracing the share economy attitude to achieve results.

In so many areas of our lives, through what has been coined the ‘share economy’, we are calling on experts or at least people with more skills or resources than ourselves, to carry out a whole range of tasks for us. To share their skills with us – from driving us around, to generally fixing things.

So it’s only logical that when it comes to buying property, people would want others to share their skills with us. We call on a real estate agent to sell our property, so why not a specialist buyer’s agent to assist in buying our property.

Astute buyers, especially serious and savvy property investors, have long realised the advantages of a buyer’s agent or often referred to as a property investment advisor or consultant. But we are now seeing the trend towards home purchasers and first home buyers, also wanting this same level of professional assistance so they can match it on the property buying scene.

Having a buyer’s agent is relatively new to the residential scene but has been a highly successful component of property investment for much longer. I should know as I’ve been providing this type of service to my investment clients for many years and now, by demand, offering the same level of services across the property buying sector with the launch of MB Property Advantage.

Feeling sick about the amount of tax on your payment summary?

In my June newsletter I did say not to tip the tax man! But if you didn’t get around to minimising your tax obligations through strategic property investment before 30 June this year and you’ve paid or have to pay a massive tax bill – please, don’t wait, now is the time to get organised!

Labor talk of abolishing negative gearing if they win the next election

With five tightly contested bi-elections held across the country in July, while talk should have focussed on issues in the electorate, much of the conversation was around how the results could affect the upcoming Federal election. While Prime Minister Turnbull is not talking an early election, for property investors it’s never too early to consider the possible outcomes of a Federal election, how they might impact your investments and therefore, what strategic changes you should be considering to your portfolio.

What does Budget 2018 mean for property investors?

It’s Budget Time and for fiscal fanatics and economics enthusiasts it’s their favourite time of year while the rest of us just want to know ‘what’s in it for me’ or ‘what’s not in it for me’. The tax package is receiving the focus of the media analysis and craft beer devotees are toasting the announcement that they will pay slightly less for their beverage of choice, but what does Budget 2018 mean for property investors?

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Tune in Saturday at 3pm on channel 10 to Australia by Design featuring yours truly! Here is a snippet …

Investor landscape remains positive following Federal Budget

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